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Space-saving Tips for Condos

Most people who live in a condo have experienced the feeling of not having enough space to store all their belongings while also maintaining a clean and uncluttered appearance to their living space. Here are 10 ways you can use the space in your condo more practically and declutter your living areas:

  1. Eliminate what you don’t need. Most of us have too many belongings to begin with, and there’s no point in making space accommodations for something you don’t actually need.
  2. Use furniture with built-in storage. Whether it’s your coffee table, your couch, or your bed frame, furniture designers are offering more clever furniture with built-in storage solutions than ever before.
  3. Utilize under-staircase space. If you’re lucky enough to have stairs in your condo or townhome, find a way to utilize the space under the staircase, which is too often left unused.
  4. Look for pieces that fulfill more than one purpose. A seating bench that works both in your living room and dining room is one example of multi-use furniture that can save space.
  5. Consider lofting your bed. Bed lofts are not just for college dorm rooms. To make maximum use of space, consider using one in your bedroom or kids’ room.
  6. Make use of vertical space. When buying bookshelves or media units, look for ones that go all the way up to your ceiling to maximize the amount of storage they can hold.
  7. Embrace kitchen organization. For small kitchens, smart organization solutions such as wall-hanging utensils or hanging a pot rack from the ceiling can help you store more, with less clutter.
  8. Make use of hallways. Hallways are often underutilized, but if wide enough, can feature shelves or built-ins for additional storage.
  9. Stay on the search for new ideas. Online blogs and stores like The Container Store have a never-ending supply of smart, space saving solutions for every room in the house.
  10. Create the illusion of space. Lots of light, surfaces free of clutter, and large mirrors can help even the smallest of spaces feel expansive.

Sometimes, you have to get creative when trying to store your stuff in a smaller condo without feeling like you’re on an episode of Hoarders. The 10 tips above are a good step forward on your quest for ultimate space utilization.

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