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Stay on Top of Your Internet and Cable Provider

Stay on Top of Your Internet and Cable Provider

Everyone is familiar with the great initial deals Internet and cable providers offer to get customers to sign up for service. But when that initial period expires, prices increase dramatically, negating any initial savings from the deal.

Many subscribers don’t realize that the prices of these service providers are actually much more flexible than they let on. With a single phone call, you might be able to extend the great deal you got initially virtually indefinitely.

First, make sure you keep track of when your rates are about to change. Calling to request a rate extension tends to be a little easier if the new charges have not yet been applied to your bill (the customer service representatives don’t have to reverse anything and credit your bill).

You’ll likely first talk with the billing questions department. Give them the reason you’d like the rate extended, whether that’s a tight budget, problems you’ve had with the service, or something else. Sometimes, the representative will extend the discount at this stage of the process.

Some representatives might tell you that there are not any current deals they could give you. If that is the case, politely state that you can’t afford the new rates and would like to speak with the customer retention department. By doing this you are conveying that you are considering cancelling the service if you can’t get a better rate. Once you’re transferred, you will find that the client retention representatives almost always have a discount offer they can apply to your account.

From there, mark your calendar and repeat when the offer is about to expire. These deals wouldn’t be in place if the service providers lost money on services, so do take advantage of them, because they are readily available. Remember, it never hurts to ask.

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