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Stuck Indoors: 5 Tips for Making Your Condo Cozier This Winter

The Chicago winter weather makes for some beautiful snowy scenery, but when you’re stuck indoors, it can be tempting to go into hibernation mode. True Chicagoans are used to the cold but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer at home. Plus, with COVID-19 restrictions still in place, chances are you’re going to be spending even more time than usual at home this winter. Turn your condo into a cozy haven of warmth with these five easy tips.

Warm up with texture and textiles

Add a bit of texture and thicker textiles wherever you can. Swap your summer bed linen for winter fabrics such as flannel or jersey. Have blankets at the ready at the end of your bed for the colder nights. A good night’s sleep is almost as good as hibernating all winter.

Consider changing your curtains for thicker material as well. This will help insulate any room. Invest in some fun furry throw pillows for your couch and get a wooly knit throw to cuddle up under in the evenings in front of the TV. Match these to the other accents and colors of your decor and create a cozy living room without compromising on style.

Go smart

Even the most frugal of us will need to switch on the central heating in Chicago in winter. Consider installing a smart home system to control your thermostat for a more energy-efficient option. This allows you to control the heating and cooling of your home directly from your smartphone or a single device. You can make your condo cozier on demand at the touch of a button.

Keep your feet warm

Get some new rugs or carpet to keep the heat from escaping through the floor. You can even opt for stylish second-hand options from a market or thrift store. Put a rug down next to your bed to make getting up every day a little easier. No one likes stepping on a cold floor first thing in the morning. Don’t forget to invest in some fuzzy slippers as well, and leave these by the door or your bed so your toes will be nice and toasty.

Don’t let the cold in

While fresh air and ventilation are necessary for a healthier lifestyle, look for drafts, and try to seal these off. They could be coming from your windows or the cracks under your doors. Find a way to plug these and your place will stay much warmer through the winter.

Warm lighting

Create warmer lighting with dimmer LEDs or even candles. This will help to make your cozy Chicago condo more relaxing for those winter evenings. You’ll be surprised how some simple changes in lighting can affect your lifestyle and comfort.

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