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5 Quick Green Energy Slashing Ideas for Your Condominium Building Association

energy saving ideas for your condominium building association

[fb_button]A lower energy bill is a universal boon — it allows you to pay less money every month while also lowering the impact on the environment and putting forward a progressive and modern image for your building. In short, green ideas should be a part of every property management company’s services. With this in mind, here are five energy slashing ideas:

  1. HVAC inspection — a simple inspection of the HVAC system might reveal that it isn’t running at maximum efficiency. The results of these inspections are either easy fixes or very expensive. If yours fall into the first category, there is no reason not to move forward on making the necessary improvements.
  2. Buy energy efficient appliances — if buying a replacement appliance is inevitable, it often pays to go for the slightly more expensive, energy efficient alternative. Remember to utilize the substantial tax benefits that come with energy efficient appliance purchases.
  3. Insulate the hot water system — improving the insulation of hot water lines, at least where they are easily accessible, can be a quick and relatively inexpensive project. “On demand” hot water systems, which are gaining popularity, dramatically increase efficiency, but do require more expense to install.
  4. Change out the light bulbs — changing traditional bulbs in the common areas to compact fluorescent or LED type bulbs. While the latter can cost twice as much as traditional bulbs, they are ultimately four to six times more energy efficient, which in the long term can result in dramatic energy savings.
  5. Install “smart” meters — these meters serve a larger purpose than telling the energy company how much to bill you. They will break down your building’s energy usage by hour and give you concrete data that you can then use to implement further improvements.

Taking a building green is a task that will always remain on the fine line between lowering energy bills and minimizing upfront expenses. Nonethless, a green strategy has been proven to always be worthwhile in the long term, and should be a part of any serious property management company’s services.

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