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Condo Energy Efficiency for the Winter Season

Many Chicago residents aren’t aware that their local energy companies offer energy-saving products free of charge to their customers, to promote energy efficiency. For example, People’s Gas and ComEd, in a joint energy-saving initiative currently have the following products on offer:

Programmable Thermostats
Raise and lower temperature automatically, limiting the amount of energy used when you are away or asleep.

WaterSense® Certified Showerheads
Use less water than traditional showerheads, which means you’ll use less energy heating water for showers.

Faucet Aerators
Use up to 30 percent less water than standard faucet aerators, helping you save water and the energy used to heat it.

Pipe Insulation
Keeps water in your hot water pipes warm longer, helping you lower water consumption and reduce the energy used by your hot water heater.

Use about 70 percent less electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs and last about 10 times longer.

Smart Power Strips
Automatically shut off power when an appliance or electronic is idle, saving energy.

Recycle your old, working fridge or freezer and ComEd will pick it up for free and send you $50.

In addition to these free items, the initiative also offers smart thermostats and ENERGY STAR certified LEDs for purchase at a discount, including free installation. To get started with these initiatives, call 844-367-5867. And for more green living tips, visit the Energy Efficiency portion of our website.

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