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Energy Efficient Landscaping Ideas for Buildings

A building’s landscaping is one of the many things that fall under the domain of the property management company. A building’s landscaping, though not technically a part of the building, has the power to affect how people from the outside view the building. Landscaping is also an ongoing cost that property managers have to stay on top of.
Energy efficient and “green” landscaping has taken on more popularity in recent years as a way to promote a more sustainable building and also cut down on landscaping expenses. Here are four strategies many buildings are considering:

  1. Planting trees in such a way to shade the building and as windbreaks (particularly important in the Windy City) can help the building use less energy in the summer and winter, respectively.
  2. Green roofs. These provide residents with a great recreational space, but also help to keep the building cooler in the summertime.
  3. Relying on perennials for outdoor decoration. Plants that only last one season are an unnecessary expense when creative landscapers can achieve the same effect with plants that last year after year.
  4. Energy efficient outdoor lighting. Outdoor lights are typically on all night, and could add up to significant energy expenses. Conversion to cost-effective LED lights can lower energy bills, as well as decrease the level of maintenance required on these lights.

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