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Four Tips to Save Money Around the Home This Fall

Four Tips to Save Money Around the Home This Fall

As the summer heat gives was to autumn, it’s time to give the AC a break and think about some energy saving solutions for your condo. Here are 4 easy tips that can make a big difference in your energy use:

Turn off the AC – fall and spring in Chicago (however brief) are usually mild enough that you don’t have to use air conditioning at all. You’ll have to adjust to a temperature that could vary by 10 degrees or more, but the AC will always be there as a backup if things get too extreme.

Check the insulation of windows and doors – unsound insulation can be a money drain in both summer and winter, because it interrupts the barrier between your home and the outside. According to the US Department of Energy, drafts can account for 5% to 30% of your total home energy use. Thankfully, this is usually an easy fix. Buy rubber insulators from your local home improvement store, and stick them in the problem areas.

Change Furnace Filter – if you have an in-unit furnace, check on the condition of the air filter. The more clogged it is, the harder your unit has to work to push the air through, putting a strain on the motor. Since winter is the worst possible time for your furnace to fail, keep it running optimally with a new filter.

Use Storm Windows – if you have the option, take out the window nets that are so useful in summer and put in glass storm windows instead. These will provide a second barrier for trapping heat in your home, lowering your energy needs in late fall and winter.

There you go. Follow these easy tricks and you should notice definite benefits on your energy bill in the upcoming months.

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