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One great thing about modern society is the increasing social conscience about global issues. Going “green” has permeated nearly every service field, and property management is no exception. Whatever your ideological tendencies, there are many benefits, both financial and environmental, to working with a green property management company.

A property management company can be green in two distinct ways: in the way that it handles its internal business, and in the way it actually manages properties. The first way is relatively straightforward, and includes such acts as using email instead of paper statements, having e-signatures for contracts and acknowledgements, and generally handling things in the online environment. As we’ve discussed at length the importance of your property management company having a robust online portal, the benefits of this approach should already be clear.

Of a much larger impact is the way your property management company handles its properties. Going green does not just mean caring for the environment. Increasing efficiency will cut down on the electric, gas, and water bills, which is a good thing whether you pay them or your tenants do. A green property management company will advise to use higher quality building materials, which tend to last longer and are also generally healthier to be around.

Plus, next time you are on the search for new tenants or looking to sell your condominium or townhome unit, the green badge of honor on your property will immediately single you and your property management company out as responsible owners who are committed to keeping their property modern, efficient, and socially conscious.

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