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Green Tips to Keep Your House Warm This Winter

Energy efficiency in Chicago winter really comes down to one thing: hanging on to every bit of available heat and keeping it in your home. With that said, follow the easy steps below to keep your home warmer this winter:

  1. Get a programmable thermostat.Energy efficiency begins and ends with the programmable thermostat. The point of the matter is that you don’t need your place to be warm all the time – if you can adjust temperature by the time of day, and do so automatically (so you don’t forget), you’ll make a large impact on your energy bill.
  2. Use the curtains.Keep curtains open during the day, to let warming sunlight into your home, and close them at night to add an extra layer of insulation that keeps the heat in.
  3. Reverse the ceiling fans.Flipping the small switch on your ceiling fans will make them spin the other way, pushing warmer air from the ceiling to the floor, making your home feel warmer.
  4. Insulate doors and windows.The largest culprits of air leaks are the small spaces around doors and windows. Thankfully, these spaces are also the easiest to insulate with some cheap materials you can find at any hardware store.

It is also good to remember that the original green appliance is the sweater. The tips above will help you lower your energy bill this winter, but the biggest difference will be made by choosing to wear some extra clothing and keeping your place a few degrees cooler, instead of cranking the heat and hanging out in shorts all winter.

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