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How Much Energy Star-rated Appliances Can Save You Every Year

Are you thinking about upgrading your appliances? Whether you’re replacing your kitchen appliances, your washer and dryer, or your water heater, look to Energy Star appliances for energy efficiency and savings.

About Energy Star
Not all appliances are created equal and not all are Energy Star rated. The blue Energy Star is a US Environmental Protection Agency voluntary program to promote energy efficient products. The Energy Star label identifies products and appliances that meet the EPA standards for energy efficiency.

A lot of the time, Energy Star rated appliances actually exceed federal standards. For example, Energy Star certified refrigerators are about 9-10 percent more efficient than federal standard models.

How to Buy Energy Star Appliances
First, look for the blue star label certifying it meets the EPA standards. Second, compare the yellow Energy Guide labels that estimate the annual operating costs. Finally, buy the right size for the job. Chances are you don’t need that 25 cubic foot refrigerator. Consider how many are in your family and how much food you typically go through in a week. Buying bigger and filling it with food you end up throwing out also costs you extra money.

How Much Can You Save?
If your appliances are more than 10 years old, an Energy Star rated appliance can likely save you anywhere from $35 to $300 in utilities costs over its lifetime. The Energy Star website has a Refrigerator Savings Calculator you can use to see your average savings with a newer model.

Have you replaced your appliances recently? Let us know how much you’re saving by upgrading your appliances.

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