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August 2015 Newsletter

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  • Important Dates to Remember
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  • Planning on Moving? Here are 4 Tips for a Stress-Free Move
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  • Maintenance Tip: Fixing Sticking Locks
  • From the Desk of Keith Hales

Important Dates to Remember:

Sept. 1-3 – Noir Film Festival
Sept. 2, 9 – Jazzin’ at the Shed
Sept. 3-6 – Chicago Jazz Festival
Sept. 4-6 – North Coast Music Festival
Sept. 12 – Logan Square Beer Festival
Sept. 12-13 – Mexican Independence Day Parades
Sept. 19 – Apple Fest
Sept. 26 – Free Museum Day
Sept. 27 – Chicago Half Marathon

Updates at Hales Property Management:

Hales would like to welcome Michael Chiappetta and Kyle Valentage to the property management team!

Michael has been in the property management industry for the past few years and prior to that, he spent several years in the hospitality industry.

Kyle is a recent graduate from DePaul University and is eager to learn the property management business. Both individuals will be a great asset to the Hales team!

We are thrilled to welcome Montauk Manor and 2230 N Orchard and Odyssey Lofts to our portfolio.


It is with great sadness that we announce the sudden passing of a member of the Hales management team, Silvio Huet. He was 56 years old and will be missed by all. Silvio had a life long passion for dogs and loved the Paws organization.

Planning on Moving? Here are 4 Tips for a Stress-Free Move

Moving is widely acknowledged to be one of the most stressful activities you can do. If you’re planning on moving soon, follow these four tips to make the moving process smoother and more stress-free:

  • Time the move as well as you can. If there’s one thing that’s more stressful than moving, it’s having to move out without actually having another place to move into. Plan ahead as best as you can to be able to move straight into your new home, without having to stay at a hotel and keep your belongings in storage.
  • Get plenty of moving supplies, and pack well ahead of time. We tend to underestimate how much stuff we have until it’s actually time to pack it up and move it. Packing supplies are the cheapest way to ensure your stuff gets to its final destination in one piece, so it’s best to overestimate how much packing supplies you’ll need and to start packing well ahead of the move date.
  • Check your (old and new) association’s rules about moving day restrictions. Some buildings decide on one day a week when moving isn’t allowed, for various reasons. Whether you’re moving out or moving in, show respect for your neighbors by following these regulations.
  • Pack thematically, and label your boxes. This tip comes in handy after you’ve moved, but there’s nothing more frustrating than trying and not being able to find a specific object while your belongings are still boxed up at your new home. A Sharpie and 2 minutes of your time taken to label all the boxes will help you avoid this.

Best of the Blog

Our blog is still posting weekly advice for owners and residents. Here are 4 recent posts we were particularly proud of:

Duties of the Condominium Board


The homeowners association’s board of directors has a multitude of responsibilities. Find out what they are, inside.

Why Maintenance to Building Exteriors is Crucial, and Not Only for Cosmetic Reasons


A building’s exterior is one of its most important aspects, which is why proper care is crucial.

The Evolution of Building Surveillance Camera Systems


Read about the improvements in video surveillance technology that are helping keep residential buildings safer than ever before.

Bringing an “Open Concept” Layout to Your Condo


Open concept floor plans have been all the rage for the past couple of years. Find out how to bring some open concept elements into your living space.

Why Some Associations Put Restrictions on Renting


Many condo owners are surprised to find out that their association can put restrictions on whether they can rent their condo or not. Find out the reasons for these restrictions inside.

Maintenance Tip: Fixing a Sticking Door Lock

Do some of your interior door locks stick when you try to use them? Here’s a video that walks you through a quick and easy fix for the problem:

From The Desk of Keith Hales

Welcome new home owners!  This year alone we processed almost 100 sales of condominium or town home units while adding over 20 new buildings to our portfolio.  We hope you find these newsletters helpful with various homeowner tips and resources.

We now have completed over 2200 tasks through our web portal! Please keep them coming as this is the most efficient way to track, process, and complete your requests. If you haven’t used our handy task system to send in a request for a common area property service, simply click the resident login link on our homepage at www.halesinc.com.

Budget season is coming up which may include your Association’s annual meeting.  Rest assured that we are working diligently to shop the various expenses of your building in order to insure that things are running as efficiently as possible.  As always, let us know if you would like us to include a project or have a specific building request.

Keith J. Hales | President | CAM | Managing Broker

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