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  • Maintenance Tip: Fixing Squeaky Doors
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Did You Know? Lowering Your Summer AC Bill is Easy

If you’re tired of high electricity bills in the summer, but are also not willing to give up comfort, don’t worry—there are some easy things you can do to lower your AC bill this summer.

First, don’t be afraid to use the AC when you’re home, but do turn it off when you’re out of the house or away on vacation. The myth that it’s cheaper to keep the temperature constantly low is just that, a myth. This single change can lower your summer electricity bill by up to 15%.

Second, if you have ceiling fans, use them as much as possible because they’re much more energy efficient than air conditioning.

Finally, the main way heat enters your home is through direct sunlight from windows. Keeping all the window shades closed during the day when you’re out of the house will keep your home cooler and give the AC less to do when you do get home.

There you go — a 25% reduction in your summer electricity bill, without giving up the comfort of using the AC when you’re actually home!

Important Dates to Remember

July 3 – Office closed for Holiday Weekend

July 4 – Firework Locations in the City

July 8-12 – Taste of Chicago

July 10-12 – Square Roots Festival

July 11 – West Fest

July 17-19 – Pitch Fork Music Festival

July 25-26 – Wicker Park Fest

Updates at Hales Property Management

Hales would like to welcome Barbara Valdivia and Emelyn Orta to the Accounting team. Both individuals have accounting background and will be a great asset to the Hales team!

We are thrilled to welcome the addition of two more properties to our portfolio: 701 W. Jackson and 1258 N. Milwaukee.

Congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks for winning the 2015 Stanley Cup Championship and to the winners of the 2015 Hales Stanley Cup Playoff Bracket Challenge. The winners were AndyB012, Kangarooster, and Bird838. If you were a winner, please contact [email protected] by Friday July 3, 2015 to claim your prize.

NHL Panoramas

Staying Safe in the Summer Heat

As temperatures rise across the city this summer, it’s important to keep some basic safety measures in mind when spending extended amounts of time outdoors. Here are some tips on staying cool this summer:

  • Keep hydrated — it’s easy to forget hydration when you’re doing active things outdoors, but try to remember to take frequent water breaks to keep hydrated.
  • Dress appropriately — when the thermostat hits 100°F, you don’t want to be caught wearing a full suit for extended periods of time outside. Light colors and thin fabrics are the way to go.
  • Take breaks from the sun — if you’re sunbathing, grilling, or doing other activities in the sun, take some breaks from the constant sun exposure by finding some shade.
  • Don’t over-exercise — on the 100°F+ days, you might want to shorten your daily run or bike ride to account for the extra stress the heat puts in your body.
  • Don’t forget about your pets! — animals feel the effects of the heat even more strongly than humans, so when temperatures rise, provide them with plenty of hydration and don’t leave them in any space that lacks proper ventilation.

Best of the Blog

Our blog is still posting weekly advice for owners and residents, at halespropertymanagement.com/blog. Here are 4 recent posts we were particularly proud of:



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Chicago summer always packs a punch when it comes to fun things to do around town. Here’s a list of some of the best things going in Chicago this June and July.



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Snake River Farms Wagyu Brisket

Maintenance Tip: Fixing Squeaky Doors

Few things are more annoying than hearing a door squeak all day long as family members or roommates go from one room to the next. Did you know squeaky doors can be fixed in approximately 30 seconds? Here’s a video that can help:

From the Desk of Keith Hales

Despite the rainy weather throughout the month of June, we have been able to kick off several deferred maintenance projects in many of the buildings we are managing. Roofing, masonry and painting projects seem to be in high demand and now that real estate market values are starting to climb again, more and more owners are wanting to complete these projects sooner than later.

This year to date, we have completed over 1500 resident tasks sent in through our web portal! Please keep them coming as this is the most efficient way to track, process, and complete your requests. If you haven’t sent in a request for common area property services, simply click the resident login link on our homepage at www.halesinc.com

Lastly, as we continue to grow, we are looking for good candidates to be part of our successful team. Please check out our available jobs page for current open positions and if you or anyone you know is interested, click here to send in your resume.

Have a safe and fun summer!

Keith J. Hales | President | CAM | Managing Broker

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