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October 2015 Newsletter


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  • Maintenance Tip: Replacing Worn Window Weatherstripping
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Hales Property Management will be closed on Monday October 12th in observance of Columbus Day. We will be back at it again on Tuesday October 13th. The online web portal will continue to be available 24/7 for any non-emergency requests. To access the online web portal click on the resident login link at Hales Property Management.

Hales would like to welcome Olga Pavolitch, Orry Dickard and Jackie Dymtrow to the property management team! All three have 15 years of combined experience in the real estate and property management industry. They will be a great asset to the Hales team!

We are thrilled to welcome five new buildings to our portfolio Wabash Flats, Prairie Bloom, 7527-31 N. Sheridan, Le Janet, and 1937 W. Diversey to our portfolio.


With winter quickly approaching, make sure your car is ready for the cold, with these 5 easy steps:
  • Check the condition of your windshield wipers and replace them if necessary. Visibility is key for winter safety, and it begins with well-functioning wipers. While you’re at it, top off your windshield wiper fluid as well.
  • Check how well the car battery is working. To check this, you’ll need to take the car to a technician, such as the ones working at auto parts stores. If your battery is more than 4 years old, it will likely need replacement.
  • Check tire tread and pressure. You’ll need adequate tire tread to deal with Chicago winter conditions, likely more than the recommended all-season minimum of 6/32 inch depth.
  • Put your winter gear back in your trunk. A snowbrush / ice scraper is the minimum, but many people choose to bring a shovel, extra gloves and hat in case they need them.
  • Once snow comes, give your car the occasional wash. You may think there’s no point in washing your car during Chicago winter (it’s going to get dirty again immediately), but the amount of salt on our roads leads to faster corrosion of the undercarriage, potentially causing more problems down the road.


Our blog is still posting weekly advice for owners and residents. Here are 4 recent posts we were particularly proud of:

Building Pet Policies: Why They Exist, and What to Do About Them

Buildings with pet policies might be a nuisance, but there might be more to it than you think.

Leaky Faucets & Toilets: Act Quick Before More Issues Arise

Left unchecked, leaky faucets and toilets can cause a number of expensive structural issues to your bathroom and overall home.

Make Your Closet More Efficient

Closet space can be an issue in any home, big or small, so it’s important to try to maximize the space as best as possible.

Duties of the Condominium Board

Open concept floor plans have been all the rage for the past couple of years. Find out how to bring some open concept elements into your living space.


Replacing worn window weatherstripping can make a big difference in your energy bill once winter comes. Here’s a video that walks you through this quick and easy procedure:


The Fall season is finally here and our managers are busy working diligently by finishing up weather dependent projects, generating budgets for next year, as well as planning for annual meetings.  If you haven’t already seen an announcement for your annual meeting, look for it soon and check out our recent blog regarding the importance of attending these meetings.  Be sure to inform your manager if you are interested in being on the Board.
We now have completed over 2600 tasks through our web portal! Please keep them coming as this is the most efficient way to track, process, and complete your requests. If you haven’t used our handy task system to send in a request for a common area property service, simply click the resident login link on our homepage at www.halesinc.com.

As always, we continue to strive to add value to your building while still delivering our high level of management service.  Please let me now how we can make your management service even better.

Keith J. Hales | President | CAM | Managing Broker

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