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Equal Access – Hales Property Management in the Press

For the disabled, routine daily activities can turn into major chores. Thankfully, our society has passed laws that require public places to have accommodations for the disabled that give them equal access to these facilities. Though not all residential buildings are required by law to install these accommodations outright, a resident always has the right to request “reasonable accommodation” from the management board.

The ability to actually provide these accommodations depends on their cost, compared to the amount of benefit the resident (and all residents) will receive. But boards must be careful, because a denial of an accommodation that is explicitly outlined in the statute can result in major fines from the government.

With the number of senior citizens on the increase in the United States, some proactive management boards decide to anticipate future request and conduct a one-time, extensive renovation to make a building “fully accessible”. Despite the high cost, such initiatives show current and potential residents the foresight and social responsibility commitment of the owners, and the quality of the property management services.

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