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The 3 Qualities of an Outstanding Property Management Company (And Why They’re Worth Striving For)

Finding an outstanding property manager is like finding gold. For those searching for an outstanding property manager, here are 3 qualities to look for.

Tech savviness

Chicago renters fall mostly in the 18-35-year-old range. They grew up in the digital age and expect digital savviness from the businesses they deal with. One way property management companies can do this is by offer online payments and other online tools. An online portal makes paying the rent fast and easy, and encourages timeliness. Even better are recurring payments. Set it and forget it!

Maintenance at the touch of a button

In this day and age, many people consider having to make a phone call a hurdle. An outstanding property management company gives their renters access to request maintenance with a few simple clicks instead.

Legal knowledge

While property managers don’t need to be certified lawyers, outstanding managers know and understand the changing laws of rentals. It’s beneficial to have someone on your side versed in your rights, HOA by-laws, etc., when you are the owner of a rented property. Outstanding property managers have this background knowledge, and also provide tips on a timely basis via a newsletter or blog.

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