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3 Ways to Tell If a Building Is Well Managed Without Ever Stepping Inside

The truth about not judging a book by its cover is well known, and yet, a book’s exterior does tell you something about what you’ll find inside. In the same way, looking at a building’s exterior can tell you a lot about about that building.
Here are 3 exterior features to look for that can tell you a lot about how well a building is managed:

  1. The landscaping

While having little to do with the building structure itself, the landscaping is one of the first things that get ignored when a building isn’t run effectively. If you notice uncut grass, unkempt bushes, or trees in the power lines, that could be a sign that the building needs some extra attention from its property manager.

  1. The building’s facade

The next thing to check is how the brickwork and masonry look on the building’s exterior. These feature take longer to fall into disrepair (and also mean bigger problems down the road) so this can give you a sense of some longer-running management trends with the building.

  1. The details

The last thing to check as you’re walking by are the small exterior features such as gutters, drains, doorways, mailboxes, etc. These non-crucial elements can tell you something about the property manager’s attention to detail.
Does your building stack up to the competition? Are there other building exterior features you think are revealing? Let us know!

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