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5 Ways Owners can be Proactive about Reporting Maintenance Issues to Their Property Manager

In a multi-unit property, issues to the common areas of the building concern everyone. Yet often, residents go on about their day and assume that someone else has reported the problem. Common maintenance issues a property manager is responsible for include: hall and outdoor lighting, elevator issues, front door repair, garage non-operational or stains in the hallway. Tenants are responsible for repairs inside their own unit such as plumbing and lockouts. Tenants can be proactive reporting issues to their property manager in these five ways.

Most property managers have an emergency number that provides 24/7 response. If something requires immediate attention such as a broken down elevator, jammed front door or stuck garage door, call the Hales Property Management emergency number at 312.666.0149.

Many requests are best dealt with through our webform. In a non-emergency such as hallway lighting or carpet cleaning, fill it out here.

Do you have a question or concern that may not be a repair issue? Email us directly is a viable option.

Stop by the property manager’s office
If you’re in the neighborhood and need some face-to-face time, drop by our office. We’re happy to see how we can help.

Take Care of Your Building
Possibly the best way to be proactive is to ensure common maintenance issues don’t occur in the first place. Be careful with doors and garages, ensure spills don’t happen, and report issues immediately. Don’t wait on someone else to report an issue.

When we all work together, we can have a property we’re proud to occupy.

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