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Building Security: How You Can Contribute to a Safer Building Environment

A building’s property management company does everything in its power to promote security within that building, but even the best property manager can’t be everywhere at once. The building’s residents are coming in and out of the building every day, and because of that they have a better chance of spotting anything that may be amiss. Residents should follow some best practices in their day-to-day activities to help keep their building as safe as possible.

These security best practices include:

Make sure the common area doors are shut and locked behind you — this is the single most important thing you can do to promote building security. With the exterior doors open, there is no building security, and all the other steps (video monitoring, alarm systems) are greatly compromised.

Be sure to report any issues with the common area doors or garage doors — along the same lines, if you notice a mechanical issue that is preventing one of the common area doors from locking, report it immediately to your property manager so it can be quickly addressed.

Report any lights that are out — lights in the common areas and on the building exterior help promote safety. If you spot any that are out, let your property manager know so he or she can replace them promptly.

Lock your car when parking in a common lot or parking garage — this doesn’t affect the building directly, but it does affect you. Always lock your car as an additional safety measure in building parking facilities.

Follow these measures, and you’ll be doing your part as a building resident to contribute to the overall safety of your building.

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