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HOA Board Positions and Their Roles

If you’re not a part of a homeowners association, or if you just bought your first condo and are just now about the join an HOA, you may be wondering what the association’s leadership does on a daily basis. Here’s a breakdown of the top positions in any HOA, and their responsibilities.

The President

As the executive in charge, the president is usually the one who presides over HOA meetings, signs contracts, and does whatever he or she can to fulfill the board’s directives in the operation of the building. The president is elected by the board, and can be voted out by the board at any time.

The Vice President

One of the key functions of the vice president is to be trained in all the responsibilities of the president and be able to fulfill these duties in their absence, should he or she need to do so. But on a daily basis, when the president is around, the vice president usually takes on certain sub-tasks to help the president in his or her work.

The Secretary

The secretary is the official record-keeper of the HOA board. In addition to keeping files on all aspects of the building such as contracts, the secretary also takes detailed notes on all HOA meetings.

The Treasurer

The treasurer is responsible for the financial operations of the building, including keeping track of transactions, payments, and reserves. When day to day finances are handled by a property management company, the treasurer oversees these activities to ensure the building is in good financial health.
We hope this helps you envision how the HOA leadership works. If you have any other questions, get in touch with us!

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