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HOA Board Responsibilities: Useful Tips for First-time Members

Almost all community developments have a Homeowners Association, responsible for the smooth running of property development areas on behalf of the homeowners. Board members are generally elected by the other members of the community. Their responsibility is to operate, repair, replace, and maintain the development’s common areas.

If you’ve just been elected to your Homeowners Association board of directors, it can be an exciting, rewarding, but slightly overwhelming experience at first. While you may be vaguely familiar with what happens at HOA meetings, you may not be entirely sure of what to expect from your new role.

The road to success begins with a comprehensive understanding of HOA roles and responsibilities. Below is a short guide to important things to know when joining a HOA board for the first time.

Useful tips for first-time board members

Get to know the community

Take time to explore and find out where everything is within the property. Talk to other homeowners and find out what may concern them. You may find that you share their concerns, or that many owners have the same opinion on something—this would be a sign that maybe a new policy needs to be put in place.

Get to know the board

It’s important to find out who you can turn to with questions about your new HOA. Get to know the members and establish points of contact. Just like starting any new job, you’ll have to get your bearings. As you attend more meetings, your familiarity with building-related concepts will grow.

Understand your HOA fees

As each HOA has a different pricing structure for fees, bills, and expenses, be sure to understand your dues, as well as any upcoming special assessments. As a board member, you may be asked by a fellow resident about more information on why certain assessments are being put in place.

Understand the rules

Familiarize yourself with the governing documents, so that you can be a resource for your board and fellow residents on key questions. For example, if a fellow resident is considering making changes to their condo, it helps to have a good knowledge of what is and isn’t permitted.

Sometimes, HOAs hire property management companies like Hales to help with the management of tasks and ease the burden of the board’s responsibilities. In this case, the responsibility of board members is to oversee tasks. At Hales, we make day-to-day management duties easier for HOAs. Get in touch with us and request a proposal today!

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