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How Often Should a Property Manager Do a Building Walk-Through?

How Often Should a Property Manager Do a Building Walk-Through?

Owning a condo in a condo community can mean dealing with issues that are beyond your control. While you are responsible for what goes on within the walls of your own unit, shared spaces and landscaping fall outside of your responsibilities.

This means that things can go awry if you do not have a diligent property manager who takes a proactive approach. But how often should a property manager do a building walk-through and what does this entail?

This post will explore how often these walk-throughs should happen, what they often include, and how teaming up with a property manager can positively impact the building community.

How Often Should a Property Manager Do a Building Walk-Through?

Property managers should perform walk-throughs on a regular basis. The frequency of this depends on the needs of the building.

For example, a small building that is relatively new, may not have as many maintenance concerns or requirements as a massive complex with aging infrastructure.

At the very least, walk-throughs should be performed once a month.

Why Are Building Walk-Throughs Important?

Regular property inspections offer unique advantages for condo and property owners, including:

Establishing a Baseline

Monthly inspections establish a baseline of the property’s condition, providing an objective reference for any changes during a fiscal year and allowing for budgeting and preparation.

Early Identification of Issues

These inspections help identify property owner behaviors or deficiencies in a building that may lead to property damage, allowing for early intervention and issue resolution.

For example, consider this scenario: during a routine walk-through, a property manager notices a small leak in the roof that the owner may not be aware of.

Addressing it promptly resolves the issue before it escalates into a more significant problem, saving both time and repair costs.

Conflict-Free Resident Experience

Properly timed and well-informed inspections contribute to a conflict-free resident experience, respecting their right to quiet enjoyment of the property.

What Happens on a Building Walk-Through?

Regular property inspections increase condo community enjoyment and protect significant financial investments.

Generally speaking, building walk-throughs include:

Inspection of the Property

During monthly walk-throughs, property managers thoroughly inspect the entire building and its surroundings. This detailed examination allows the property management team and the condo board to spot any potential issues and ensures that required repairs or improvements are promptly taken care of.

The goal is to identify problems early, preventing them from turning into expensive repairs down the road.

This proactive approach contributes to the overall health and longevity of your property.

Inspect Building Projects

A property manager takes a hands-on approach to ongoing construction projects like lobby renovations.

They oversee the project to ensure it goes smoothly, meets quality standards, and aligns with your property’s goals. This hands-on involvement guarantees the success of ongoing construction or improvement projects.

Coordinate Maintenance

Once repairs or improvements are identified, a property manager coordinates with contractors and service providers to execute necessary tasks. This minimizes disruptions and ensures the overall integrity of the property is efficiently maintained.

Additionally, a property manager is attuned to seasonal maintenance needs, ensuring that tasks specific to each season are addressed during these coordination efforts. This comprehensive approach contributes to the property’s long-term health and functionality.

Check-ins with HOA Board Members and Residents

Conscientious property managers value communication and aim to create an environment where everyone feels heard and involved.

Whether discussing upcoming projects, addressing maintenance concerns, or simply checking in on residents, these interactions contribute to a harmonious living community.

During property walk-throughs, prioritizing transparency and collaboration through open communication lines is beneficial to the overall well-being of the property.

Trust Your Property to Hales Property Management

A property manager should do a walk-through inspection at least once a month for a condominium property. At Hales Property Management, for instance, we make it a point to conduct a walk-through every month, at a minimum.

This regular inspection helps us spot potential issues early, coordinate necessary maintenance, and ensure ongoing projects are on track. Our commitment to these monthly checks is about maintaining transparency, promptly addressing concerns, and preventing minor problems from becoming major headaches.

It is our way of ensuring your property stays in excellent condition, giving you confidence in managing your real estate investment.

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