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Must Have Services for Small Property Management Companies

The task of finding the right property management company can be a daunting one. Because companies are not always clear on the services they offer, it can be hard for owners to decide in whose hands to put their valuable property. The following is a list of services that every quality property management company should offer:

  1. Online Web Portal

    Taking advantage of an online web portal can be extremely beneficial to your condominium building. It should offer a place to pay your assessments online, condo document storage, initiate requests and track progress, provide owner, vendor and contractor resources and contact information. Board members should be able to see various building reports and financials along with delinquencies in real time.

  2. A Dedicated Property Manager

    Condominium and Townhome boards should have only 1 point of contact when making requests. Otherwise, requests and specifics can get lost in the communications between multiple people, and things get often get delayed or overlooked.

  3. Proactive Building Maintenance and Construction Management Knowledge

    There is no substitute for construction experience, because a repair that is done improperly will cost even more money down the road to fix it right. Even better, proactive property maintenance can solve problems before they occur. Property management companies that engage in proactive maintenance (i.e. take the initiative to fix things even before anyone complains), always stand head and shoulders above the rest.

  4. 24/7 Emergency Availability

    Around the clock availability is absolutely crucial for both tenant and owner peace of mind. Things tend to break at the worst possible time, and a responsive management team will react fast to reduce damage costs, appease residents, and cut down on your owner worries.


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