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Protecting Your Car From the Harsh Midwestern Winters

Chicago winters are no picnic, and to keep everyone safe, the city puts down a ton of salt on the streets. You may occasionally wonder what all that stuff does to your car. Here are three tips for minimizing the wear and tear on your car during the tough Chicago winters.

  1. Get some quality floor mats. More than just marketing hype, rubber floormats do protect the interior of your car from all the stuff you track in, and winter is probably the best time to have them. While you’re making the investment, you may want to also get a rubber mat for your trunk so you’ll have full protection. Chicagoland’s own WeatherTech is one good option for these types of products.
  2. Give you paint job the occasional waxing. Wax is a great way to protect the luster of your car’s paint job from all the harsh winter conditions. There are plenty of good products on the market that are fast to apply and you can easily use yourself in 10-15 minutes.
  3. Get a periodic car wash, including the undercarriage. Basically, you don’t want all that salt to linger and cause rust, and this is particularly true of the undercarriage of your car. Washing the salt off occasionally can help to slow down the development of rust. Some car washes even have an anti-rust treatment they could apply to the undercarriage.

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