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Q & A: If I disagree with a rule put in place by my HOA, what are my options?

All of us occasionally disagree with a rule put forward by our homeowners association. If you find yourself in that situation, you may be wondering, what are my options?
The HOA rulebook is created with the well-being of the whole building in mind. However, that’s not to say that the occasional ineffective or impractical rule doesn’t make it into the rulebook (and eventually get overturned).
If you find yourself in conflict with a particular rule, here are some steps you can take:
Do your research. Look up the specific language in the rulebook so you know exactly where you stand in respect to the issue. Sometimes, looking through the text will reveal that there are exceptions to the rule, or that your residential status exempts you from it.
Work with your HOA. Associations know that owners occasionally disagree with particular rules, and are usually open to setting up mediation or arbitration to help you come to a consensus.
Get support from your neighbors. Are you the only one who disagrees with the rule? If not, and you can get a group together, you may be able to propose an amendment to the rule at your next HOA board meeting and then have the votes required to pass it.
Move. Sometimes, a building may just not be a good fit for your lifestyle. If the rule you disagree with is an integral part of the building community and there’s no getting around it, you may want to consider moving to a building that does agree with your ideas.
Following these 4 steps will help you the next time you’re in a disagreement with your HOA. If you have any questions about best practices when dealing with your HOA, get in touch with us!

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