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The 3 Reasons Why Owners Should Attend Association Meetings

If you’re an average condo owner in Chicago, you probably don’t eagerly await the next announcement for a meeting from your homeowners association. Nonetheless, as inconvenient as these meetings may seem at times (they tend to take place on weekdays, after work hours), owners should make an effort to attend as many meetings as they can, for these 3 important reasons:

  1. You can look out for your own interests.
    Many important issues are decided by vote in association meetings. Attending these meetings gives you the chance to make sure that your best interests as an owner are being represented.
  2. High owner participation keeps all owners happier.
    A building whose owners are engaged and participate in the decision making process will likely have fewer owners who are unhappy with the management of the building’s affairs, keeping all the owners on the same page and (ideally) satisfied with how the building is being managed.
  3. Attending meetings encourages general communication among the owners.
    Aside from attending these meetings to decide important matters, you’ll also get to touch base with your fellow owners and hear about any exciting developments or potential problems they’re dealing with in their condos. This may give you ideas to try in your own condo. Improved communication between building owners in general encourages a sense of building community, which is a good thing for everyone involved.

So, the next time you get an announcement about an upcoming association meeting, make the right decision and put it in your calendar. Condo ownership is a major investment, and attending these periodic association meetings is a great way to remain active in the management of that investment.

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