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The HOA Rules and Regulations: Why They Exist and Who is Responsible for Them

If you’re part of a homeowner’s association, you’ve likely heard of the HOA Rules and Regulations book. The Rules and Regulations provide the basic framework for what homeowners can and cannot do within the association.

The Rules and Regulations may be as detailed or as broad as the members of the association see fit. Rules may cover information on parking (allowed in the street or not), dumpster guidelines, snow removal, pet ownership and leash standards. Additional items can be as detailed as the color of the condo front door, and what type of decorations may be displayed on each balcony. Move in and move out fees and monthly dues are also defined in the rules and regulations.

What’s the benefit of an HOA Rules and Regulations? HOAs do an outstanding job of maintaining community amenities such as manicured lawns, working lighting, functioning play areas, etc. Additionally, HOA neighborhoods typically retain property values longer and provide a level of financial security.

This all sounds great, but who’s in charge of deciding how your house should look? The HOA Rules and Regulations are typically managed by the HOA board of directors and voted on by the homeowners themselves. The board of directors is usually comprised of residents within the association. It is their job to enforce the Rules and Regulations. They may also propose new rules and propose to abolish existing rules that are deemed unsuitable for the neighborhood. Think of the Board of Directors as the governing body over the HOA that is itself still subject to changes through elections and rule changes.

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