Property Management

What is an Emergency and Who Do You Call First?

When you spot things that are off around your property, it can be hard to know what constitutes a maintenance issue and what constitutes a genuine emergency. Depending on this distinction, the person to contact also differs.

A genuine emergency is anything that threatens the well-being of the residents and neighboring buildings. In the case of fire, or security issue such as a burglary, do not hesitate to call the fire department and police. In these cases, it’s better to be overreact than under react. In addition, bring any potential emergency issues to your property manager as soon as possible so that he or she can address it immediately and inform other owners in the building.

The next level, urgent issues, makes up anything that could cause major damage to the building and personal property, such as flooding, burst pipes, structural accidents (car hitting the side of the building). Major inconveniences to the residents, such as no water, or no heating in the wintertime also fall into this category. These things warrant the property manager to be immediately contacted so that he or she can act swiftly to prevent further damage. Any company whose property management services are worth their salt will handle these issues promptly and with appropriate, long term solutions.

Things that fail to make the emergency category are things that occasionally malfunction, non-essential fixes, and more minor issues. For these issues, filing a claim with the property management company should result in a non-immediate but timely repairs.

It’s important to exercise your judgement in deciding what constitutes a genuine emergency. For example, a malfunctioning (non-locking) lobby door could be a non-immediate issue in a relatively safe area, but constitute an urgent issue in a part of town that has some level of crime. Remember, whatever the issue, using sound judgement and contacting the appropriate person will ensure that it is resolved as soon as possible.

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