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Renting a condo can be a great investment, but it can also feel like having a second job as a landlord. We strive to take care of the hard stuff like finding a trustworthy renter and keeping them happy so you can focus on the easy part—depositing the rent check.

Leasing and Tenant Screening​

Maintenance and Repairs​

Monthly Rent Collection & Direct Deposit Payments

Unit Turnover Move In/Out Coordination

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“I’ve had such an incredibly great experience with everyone at Hales. They all respond very quickly, professionally and with sincere interest in resolving the problem I’m contacting them about. Freaking fantastic customer service.”

Dawnsie E., Google Reviews

We’ve got the leasing and unit management covered.

When you’re ready to rent your condo but don’t know where to start, we’re here to lead the way to make the process easy.

The Leasing Process

  • List the unit and find your perfect tenant
  • We personally show the unit and then run the background, credit and employment checks on the applicant
  • Set the rent or take advantage of our expert knowledge on local Chicago rates
  • Get final approval of your new tenant
  • We’ll schedule the move with your Association and handle all of the financial transactions
  • Cost of service is first month’s rent, as an industry standard

Unit Management

  • Your tenant has access to our online portal for payments and communication, as well as the after-hours emergency line
  • Your rental manager becomes the tenant’s point of contact
  • We manage expectations with the HOA for clear and effective communication
  • Get final say before we hire a vendor for in unit work, receiving status updates along the way
  • We’ll do the work, collect the rent and then pay you via direct deposit every month

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