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When to Hire a Property Manager for Your Chicago Rental Properties

When renting out properties, the hope is that they will generate passive income. But just how passive this income is really depends on a number of factors.

First, there’s the upkeep of the property, and answering any calls from tenants about repairs. On top of that, there’s the management of the tenants — making sure they are suitable for the property, that rent is guaranteed, that they keep the property in good condition and have their questions answered. If owning a property with multiple tenants, or multiple properties, it’s quite clear to see how this becomes an extremely demanding job.

While some landlords take pride in curating a personal relationship with their tenants and working hard to exceed all expectations, there comes a time where this is no longer feasible. From then on, utilizing the services of a property manager can be essential.

When do you know that you can no longer manage your rental properties by yourself?

There are many signs that may tip you off, including:

  • Struggling with too many properties or tenants to manage
  • Finding yourself unable to provide maintenance to all properties at once, leading to backlogs of important work
  • Difficulties with tenants adding to the stress of an already stressful job
  • Working all hours of the week including being on-call during your personal hours (such as when a tenant has lost their keys in the middle of the night)
  • Feeling unable to adequately vet your tenants based on how much other work you have to do

A landlord that’s too thinly stretched can struggle to provide the usual quality of service they are usually known for. This can ultimately lower the standard of care a landlord can provide, resulting in tenants becoming frustrated at half-completed or delayed repairs, for example. And unhappy tenants can turn into bad reviews or withheld rent.

What’s The Solution?

Property managers are an essential service for many landlords. For a nominal fee, they curate maintenance tasks, schedule payments, collect rent, vet would-be tenants, and ensure generally high standards for every part of the rental process. Good property managers also keep up-to-date on new housing laws and local ordinances, keeping your building compliant.

As such, a property management company can actually save you money in the long term, providing you with a service that protects your investment, generates reliable income, and frees you up to pursue other endeavors (as well as enjoy your life).

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